Inaugural Post

Why hello there!

So I decided to open this blog to have a place to write things down. As much as I like Twitter, some things just don’t lend themselves well to its format and impermanence. (or semi-permanence, rather) Anyway, let’s see how this goes. I can’t promise any kind of regular schedule or topics I will write about. My safe guess is there won’t be anything like regular updates, and a more or less diverse selection of nerdy stuff that catches my fancy. Probably quite a bit of nerding off about archery and making bows. Probably a bit about my general adventures in making things and stories/universes I tend to obsess about: Tolkien, Star Wars, Doctor Who etc. Since I really love filling out random internet questionnaires, it’s not unlikely there will be a lot of those. In fact, it has been a Tolkien-themed questionnaire that got me off my ass for long enough to configure this blog and type this here post. :)

It’s all guesswork, though.

Anyway, so … err, this is the blog, it’s called my C-Beam Cannon because Blade Runner is the best film ever, chairs are over there, tea is in the pot right here, and many thanks in advance to everyone who finds their way to this little corner.