gekitsu is a nerd of many convictions. Any list, however comprehensive, is bound to be inaccurate, since he is able to develop interest in the weirdest things at the drop of a hat. His friends have (probably) become accustomed to his occasional gushing about a topic he didn’t even know existed two days before. He practically grew up on the internet, where he hung out at all the art forums when he should have been doing his homework. He is also feeling really silly typing about himself in the third person, so I’ll stop.

Ever-changing interests notwithstanding, there are a few constants: Art, philosophy, archery, fantasy & sci-fi, video games, making, cats, tea, design, XML/XSL-T, part-time goth. Behold a more detailed run-down:


I have been drawing ever since I can remember, and just never (really) stopped. Academic life managed to make me take the occasional temporary leave of absence, which is the most regretful thing. Some of my role models are Iain McCaig, Amano Yoshitaka, Mike Mignola, Claire Wendling, Milt Kahl, Hiroshige, and Jeffrey Katherine Jones. I should draw more.


I’m mainly drawn towards Phenomenology, epistemology, and philosophy of science. I have a marked distaste of scientists uneducated about the methodological scope of their discipline, universal application of semiotic theories, and misuse of words like ‘objective’.


The bow and arrow have become a dear passion of mine. I shoot primitive wood bows that I build myself. When a good friend and history geek turned me onto the idea of making bows, I was presumptuously thinking of ‘improving upon’ historic bows by laminating different woods with ideal properties for their respective roles. After starting to read up on bowyery (the craft of building bows), I instantly saw the light and grew to love the pure beauty of the wooden self-bow.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

The backbone of my literary and film diet since practically ever, much to the dismay of the teachers at school. I inherited this particular bug from my father, a voracious Sci-Fi reader and collector.

Some favourites in no particular order: J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Neal Asher, Saladin Ahmed, Hope Mirrlees, Robert E. Howard, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Alien, Hayao Miyazaki, and many more.

Video Games

Metal Gear Solid, Minecraft, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Quake. I love ego shooters but am bored out of my mind by the current, poisoned-by-Call-of-Duty AAA tripe. Good design a plus. No competitive online multiplayer. I play to recharge my batteries and get away from people, not to expose myself to their abrasiveness even more.

‘C-Beam Cannon’ WAT?

Roy Batty, dude.


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