Infinity Dreams Award

Maria nominated me – Thank you!

Also: damn, that took a good bit of thinking. I’ve long noticed that I work in ‘phases’ where I get obsessed with one thing and disregard many other things, until the next phase change. So I naturally don’t have a readily available list of things I desire or dream about.


  • List seven dreams. They can be personal or website related.
  • Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.


I really want to learn blacksmithing and have a small forge at home. It’s one of the skills that have fascinated me for ages, yet completely elude me. There is hope, though, as there seems to be a trend towards teaching ‘old’ crafts to enthusiasts when they aren’t profitable on their own anymore. That’s much better than just letting all the good knowledge get lost. :)

Nicer World

OK, this is clearly a more utopian dream than learning a certain skill, but it’s still dear to my heart. I wish the world ran a little differently. Less trying to get the last bit of advantage while disregarding the cost & consequences to others, more trying to make a good living while not being an asshole. Less shouting, more listening. More awareness of people being too different for only one accepted model of learning, working, and living. More diversity, less abnormality. We should have a world that is geared towards more than only providing happiness for affluent neurotypical workaholics.

Own Website

To counter the big, let’s-change-the-world, why-can’t-we-all-get-along dream, let’s have something profane and achievable: I’d like to have my own website, self-hosted, self-designed and self-made, with a blog, a gallery, and whatever else I find myself fancying. Technically, this is absolutely realistic. What is less realistic is me finishing a design I can look at for more than a week without wanting to redo it, and writing all the background code I’d need. (Once I start pondering things like that, I quickly notice that I’d be better served with a solution tailored to my needs instead of any of the big, bloated CMSes out there. Even wordpress is damn bloaty.)

Experience Japan

A lot of things Japan are deeply fascinating to me. I’d really like having a few months to look at, and learn things. Alas, money and anxiety won’t easily allow that. Also, I’m not even sure that what really interests me is something I could experience in real-world Japan.

Gandalf/Iroh/Mr Miyagi

If there’s one thing film & literature taught me, it’s how much a boon to life it is to have a wise friend to put things in perspective whenever one becomes too silly and preoccupied. I want my own Gandalf-Uncle Iroh-Mr Miyagi-Q(Desmond Lewellyn version please!)-Obi Wan-Yoda-Dumbledore-Moody-Doctor-Sheperd Book-Granny Weatherwax.

Here come two dreams that are clearly beyond the utopian nature of the Nicer World dream. But they wouldn’t be called dreams if they needed to be plausible wishes only, right?

Endless Shelf Space

Well, that’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? The full-on dream version would be self-dusting endless shelf space.


If a Which-Star-Trek-Character-Are-You Quiz is comprehensive enough to feature him, I usually end up being Barclay. So having access to a Holodeck may bring a lot of risks for me (oh who am I kidding, I’d live in there), but it would solve so many problems.

Only a TARDIS would be neater.

I don’t know enough bloggers, and those I know, Maria already nominated. So if you feel like doing this, go on ahead, you have my blessing.



    1. i’m still somewhat apprehensive about the notion of having a holodeck because of how fast i took to living on the internet instead of with my peers at school, but… A HOLODECK! someone invent this already! hoverboards can wait!

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